For an aviation business, we cover a lot of ground.

EPIC's extensive hands-on experience in airline and supply operations has created a knowledge base that just can't be duplicated by other suppliers. Airlines, Cargo Operators, U.S. Government Agencies and Resellers are our day-to-day customers. But at any given time, we are hard at work coming up with innovative solutions for very specialized customers.

All of this requires an extensive supply network, so EPIC has relationships with 20 of the biggest suppliers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as all major oil companies and independent refiners. We also have inventory at more than 125 airports and terminals, and access to fuel at more than 110 terminals and refineries. In addition to these North American solutions, EPIC has established a global supply network to address fueling needs wherever they arise.

It's time to get fueled by EPIC. Contact our Commercial Sales Team and we’ll come up with a solution just for you.