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EPIC’s fuel supply infrastructure is designed to provide safe, reliable and redundant supply of aviation fuels to our customers. The system utilizes a broad network of over 150 refineries, terminals, and EPIC owned inventories, coupled with a system of pipelines, railcars and trucking resources to serve over 4,000 diverse customers including FBOs, airlines, cargo operators, business aviation flight departments, agriculture operators and resellers.

This combination of suppliers, terminals, inventories and transportation resources provide flexibility and multiple levels of backup to keep our customers fully supplied during supply interruptions.

We have long term purchase arrangements with most fuel suppliers in the energy market. EPIC applies a “vetting” process to all components of the supply chain, from the refinery to delivery to the customer’s location. This ensures only qualified suppliers, terminals and transportation resources are used, whose systems, equipment and processes meet or exceed all industry standards for aviation fuel and its handling, including current ASTM specifications

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