Mission & Core Values

Our global mission is to safely, consistently, and reliably provide aviation fuel, and related products and services, to our aviation customers, in order to deliver long-term growth with sustained profitability for our investors.  To achieve our mission, we will

EPIC Core Values

Our Core Values:

ETHICS—Our team is comprised of individuals with uncompromising integrity. Regardless of economics or inconvenience, we do the right thing by embodying the highest ethical standards in everything we do.  We conduct our business relying on our ethical obligation to bring no harm to the public, the environment and our most important asset, our customers.

PEOPLE—Our Company will succeed through teamwork.  We hire the best employees, empower them, promote accountability, celebrate success, and treat everyone with the utmost respect and dignity.

INVESTMENT—Our investment in our people, products, services, and customers, combined with our consistent supply and competitive pricing, creates value for our customers and distinguishes EPIC from our competitors.

CUSTOMERS—Our Customers are the foundation upon which we have built EPIC. We work diligently to understand customer’s individual needs, develop a trusted partnership and exceed expectations. Our customer’s success equates to our success.